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What is the reason for "children and mothers"

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    史上不乏母亲教育儿子廉洁为官的,唐代的崔玄暐,是武则天年间的宰相,为官清廉耿介,为老百姓做了不少好事,可以说其廉洁品格就是他母亲教诲的结果。 There are many mothers in history who educated their sons for integrity. Cui Xuanzhang of the Tang Dynasty was the prime minister during Wu Zetian's years, and he did a lot of good things for the people. It can be said that his integrity was the result of his mother's teaching.

    《旧唐书·崔玄暐传》载,崔玄暐的母亲卢氏尝诫之曰:“吾见姨兄屯田郎中辛玄驭云:'儿子从宦者,有人来云贫乏不能存,此是好消息。若闻赀货充足,衣马轻肥,此恶消息。'吾常重此言,以为确论。比见亲表中仕宦者,多将钱物上其父母,父母但知喜悦,竟不问此物从何而来。必是禄俸余资,诚亦善事。如其非理所得,此与盗贼何别?纵无大咎,独不内愧于心?孟母不受鱼鲊之馈,盖为此也。汝今坐食禄俸,荣幸已多,若其不能忠清,何以戴天履地?孔子云:'虽日用三牲之养,犹为不孝。'又曰:'父母惟其疾之忧。'特宜修身洁己,勿累吾此意也。”玄暐遵奉母氏教诫,以清谨见称。 In the "Old Tang Book · Biography of Cui Xuanzhang", Cui Xuanzhang's mother, Lu Shi, said, "I see my uncle Tuntian Lang Zhongxin Xuan Yuyun: 'My son is a concubine, and someone who comes to the cloud is poor and cannot survive. This is good news. This bad news is that if you hear that there are enough goods and that you are light on your horses, I will reiterate this statement and think that it is true. I will pay more money to my parents than those who are close to me. Where does this thing come from? It must be Lu Yuan's surplus capital, and sincerity is also good. If it is unreasonable, how is this different from a thief? No major blame, no shame alone? Mencius is not fed by fish. This is also why. Ru Jin is sitting on a glutton. I ’m so honored. If he ca n’t be loyal, why would he wear the sky? Confucius said: 'Although the daily use of the three beasts is still unfilial.' "'It is best to practice self-cultivation and self-cleansing, and don't be so tired of my intentions." Xuan Zong obeyed his mother's teachings and was known for his sincerity.

    上述记载,我以为包括三层含义:一是为官者“子贫母喜”。 The above records, I think include three levels of meaning: First, "the child is poor and the mother is happy" for officials. 卢氏曾告诫崔玄暐说:“我曾听姨兄屯田郎中辛玄驭说:'儿子做官的,有人来说他贫穷得无法生活,这是好消息。如果听说他钱财充足,穿着轻软的裘,骑着肥壮的马,这便是坏消息。'”二是官员贪贿就与强盗无异。 Lu once told Cui Xuanyuan: "I once heard my uncle Tuntian Lang Zhongxin Xuanyu said: 'The son is an official, and some people say he is too poor to live. This is good news. If I heard that he is rich and well-dressed, Qiu, riding a fat horse, this is bad news. '"Second, officials bribery is no different from robbers. 卢氏说,近来看见亲戚中做官的,多将钱物送给他们的父母,而父母只知道高兴,竟不问这些财物从何而来。 Lu said that recently, when they saw relatives as officials, they gave more money and things to their parents, who only knew that they were happy, and they didn't ask where the money came from. 如果真是俸禄剩下来的钱,的确是好事;如果是不正当的收入,这与盗贼又有什么区别? If the money left by Lulu is really good, if it is improper income, how is this different from a thief? 即使不带来大的灾祸,难道心里不感到惭愧? Do n’t you feel ashamed, even if it does n’t bring a big catastrophe? 三是尽忠清廉才能立于天地之间。 The third is to be loyal and honest in order to stand between heaven and earth. 三国时吴国孟仁曾做过养鱼的官,送给其母一些自制的腌鱼,其母没有接受,告诫孟仁:“汝为鱼官,而以鲊寄我,非避嫌也。”卢氏以“孟母退鲊”的故事教育崔玄暐什么是真正的孝道。 During the Three Kingdoms, Wu Guomeng Ren had once been a fish farming officer, and gave her mother some homemade salted fish. Her mother did not accept it, and warned Meng Ren: "You are a fish officer, but you send me a puppet, you must avoid suspicion." Use the story of "Meng's mother to retreat" to educate Cui Xuanzhen what is true filial piety. 孔子说,“即使每天杀牛、羊、猪来奉养父母,还是不够孝顺。”又说,“做父母的只担心儿子的疾病。”为官者坐食国家俸禄,已够荣幸的了,如果不能尽忠清廉,又凭什么立身于天地之间? Confucius said, "Even if you kill cattle, sheep, and pigs every day to support your parents, it is still not filial." And, "parents only worry about their son's disease." It is a great honor for the official to eat the country's lotus. Can't be faithful and honest, and why stand between heaven and earth? 只有修身养心,保持廉洁,才是真正的孝道。 Only cultivating one's heart and keeping one's integrity is the true filial piety. 崔玄暐谨从母教,官职越来越高,直至升为同凤阁鸾台平章事(即宰相) ,却性情耿直,清廉如玉,从不私下接受官员请托,多次受到武则天的盛赞。 From the mother's education, Cui Xuanzhang wanted to go from high to high, until he was promoted to Tongfeng Pavilion Huantai Pingzhang ( the prime minister ) , but his temperament was upright, and he was as honest as a jade.

    崔玄暐的母亲卢氏,显然对崔氏家族清廉为官家风的生成起了关键作用。 Cui Xuanzhang's mother, Lu, obviously played a key role in the Cui family's clean government. 史载崔氏家族非常昌盛,崔玄暐弟崔升,官至尚书左丞;玄暐子崔琚,颇有文才;孙崔涣,官至御史大夫;曾孙崔郢,为监察御史。 Cui's family is very prosperous in history, Cui Xuanzhang's younger brother Cui Sheng, Guan Zhishang Zuo Xun; Xuan Xunzi Cui Xuan, quite talented; Sun Cui Xuan, Guan Zhiyu doctor; great-grandson Cui Xuan, to monitor Yushi. 且都廉洁自守,好评颇多。 And they are honest and self-defense, and have received a lot of praise. 这里并不是说谁的子孙能当官,就表明谁的家风好,但子孙都能当廉洁为民的好官,总不能说人家的家风不好吧。 This is not to say that whose children and grandchildren can serve as officials, it means that their family style is good, but their children and grandchildren can be good officials who are honest and honest. 有人曾说过,一个好母亲,能庇佑这个家庭从丈夫、儿女到孙子辈的三代人。 Someone once said that a good mother can bless the three generations of this family from husband, children to grandchildren. 从卢氏的经历看何止是三代呀! Judging from Lu's experience, it is more than three generations!

    其实好的家风是全家人德行积累的结果,对子女健康成长关系甚大,它能帮助把好人生首道关口,为初心定好基调,基础打得牢,以后就不至于轻易改变。 In fact, a good family style is the result of the accumulation of moral virtues of the whole family. It has a great bearing on the healthy growth of the children. It can help to set the first threshold of a good life, set the tone for the beginning, and lay a solid foundation, and it will not be easily changed in the future. 其中作为长辈的父母,对形成好的家风自然责任最大。 Among them, the parents of the elders are naturally responsible for the formation of a good family style. 从眼下揭露出的贪腐官员看,家风好的不多,更多的是全家老小齐上阵,围绕捞钱积财的“大目标”,妻子、儿女,甚至亲戚都过来忙乎。 According to the corrupt officials exposed at the moment, the family style is not very good, and more of the family members go to the battle. The wife, children and even relatives are all busy around the "big goal" of making money and accumulating wealth. 有负责通风报信的,有负责受贿收钱的,有负责藏匿钱物的,还有人前假装正经的,总之“分工精细明确,所做恰到好处”,令人瞠目结舌。 Some are responsible for ventilating and reporting, some are responsible for accepting bribes and collecting money, some are responsible for hiding money, and others are pretending to be serious. In short, "the division of labor is clear and precise, and the work is just right", which is startling. 如官员分管城建,就让妻子开办所谓的建材公司,儿子则搞建筑承包,以便从采买进料,到开工建设,一包到底,肥水不流外人田嘛。 For example, if the official is in charge of urban construction, he will ask his wife to start a so-called building materials company, while his son will engage in construction contracting, so that from the purchase of materials to the start of construction, one bag will not flow to outsiders. 如有的官员冠冕堂皇,收钱事宜一律交由妻子、子女来办,以至在有的地方和单位,只要能让领导夫人“吃饱喝足”,事情就成了一大半。 If there are officials who are sounding, the collection of money will be left to the wife and children, and in some places and units, as long as the leading wife can be "satisfied and full," things will become more than half. 随着贪腐官员的落马,参与其贪腐活动的家庭成员也纷纷身陷囹圄,可谓“家破人亡”,可悲可叹。 With the fall of corrupt officials, family members involved in their corruption activities have also been imprisoned.

    倡导领导干部把家风建设摆在重要位置,要做的工作很多,但要突出主要矛盾,要从领导干部自身抓起,廉洁修身持家教子,自身行得正做得好,才能对家庭成员进行有效的说教和管控,逐步形成一个好的家风,并世代传承下去。 Leading cadres are encouraged to place family building in an important position, and there is a lot of work to be done, but the main contradictions must be highlighted. The leading cadres must be grasped by themselves. They must be honest, self-cultivating, and supportive of their tutors. Effective preaching and control gradually formed a good family style and passed on from generation to generation. 要对家风好的领导干部大力表彰宣扬,以正压邪,使那些“一人得道、鸡犬升天”的官员,成为过街老鼠臭不可闻。 It is necessary to commend and publicize the leading cadres who have a good family style, and use positive pressure to make those officials who are “one person get the way and the chickens and dogs ascend to the sky” to become odorless. 在考核选拔领导干部的条件和程序中,要加入对家风状况的了解和分析内容,尽可能地到被考核对象的左邻右舍,搞些过细的调查走访,对那些家风不好的,坚决拿下绝不提拔,更不能让这样的人越升越高,那样广大民众可就悲惨了。 In the conditions and procedures for the selection and selection of leading cadres, it is necessary to add an understanding and analysis of the situation of family style, and go to the neighbors of the subject as much as possible to conduct detailed investigations and visits. Resolutely won without promotion, let alone such people rise higher and higher, then the general public can be miserable. (左连璧) (Left flail)

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