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Commonwealth Prime Minister Li Rugui

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李如圭( 1479-1547 ),字国宝,明朝澧州(州治今津市市新洲镇)澧阳人,教谕李通之孙,明朝宪宗成化十五年( 1479 )出生于澧州嘉山南麓三十里桃林东里樟树村(今津市毛里湖镇樟树村)。 Li Rugui ( 1479-1547 ), a word national treasure, Ming Dynasty Yinzhou ( Xinzhou Town , Jinjin , Jizhou ), a grandson of Liyang, a grandson who taught Li Tong, was born in Chenzhou in the 15th year of Chengzong Chenghua in the Ming Dynasty ( 1479 ) Zhangshu Village, Taolin Dongli, Thirty Miles South of Jiashan (Zhangshu Village, Maolihu Town, Jinjin City). 早年饱读诗书, 19岁时参加乡试考中举人(俗称孝廉),己未年( 1499年)殿试考取进士。 In the early years, he read poetry books. At the age of 19, he participated in the township examination and raised people (commonly known as filial piety). 先后任江西安福、建昌知县。 He successively served as Jiangxi Fu and Jianchang County. 他风华正茂,严于法治,敢于去弊除奸,深得民众爱戴。 He is well-mannered, stricter than the rule of law, and dares to remove evils and treacherous. 后来,朝廷命他巡视福建。 Later, the court ordered him to visit Fujian. 福建濒临海滨,海盗蜂起,又有贪官污吏为害,人民深受其苦。 Fujian is on the brink of seashore, pirate bees rise, and corrupt officials are the victims, and the people suffer. 李如圭发动群众检举,海盗闻风远遁,贪官污吏惊魂落魄。 Li Rugui launched a mass report, and the pirates heard the news far away and the corrupt officials were shocked. 复任广西兵备,在驯服与教化瑶民方面成绩卓著、擢升监察御使,官至正七品。 Re-appointed Guangxi Bing Bei, outstanding achievements in tame and education Yao people, promoted to supervise the ambassador, the official to the top seven. 正德年间,患病回家休养。 During Zhengde years, he went home to take a rest. 嘉靖十年( 1531 )秋,陕西延绥地区因灾大饥,阁臣夏言荐举巡抚陕西,他深入重灾的延绥地区进行安抚赈饥,并经过周密调查,向朝廷写了治理荒政的十多条奏折,尽皆采纳,使数十万饥民得以活命。 In the autumn of the 10th year of Jiajing ( 1531 ), the Yan Sui area in Shaanxi suffered from severe hunger. The cabinet minister Xia Yan recommended the governor of Shaanxi. More than ten memorials were adopted, which enabled hundreds of thousands of hungry people to survive. 嘉靖十五年春,受命总理疏浚河道,设置闸门,引湖水灌溉,大大便利了粮食运输,促进了生产发展,后晋升为户部总督仑场兼西苑农事。 In the spring of the fifteenth year of Jiajing, the Prime Minister was ordered to dredge the river, set up gates, and divert lake water for irrigation, which greatly facilitated the transportation of food and promoted the development of production. He was later promoted to the Governor of the Ministry of Agriculture and Xiyuan Agriculture. 嘉靖十八( 1539 )年,皇帝仁宗到显陵拜谒,见他同靖远伯王谨居守显陵有功,颁诏封为工部尚书,后改任户部尚书,官至正二品。 In the eighteenth year of Jiajing ( 1539 ), Emperor Renzong went to Xianling to pay homage to him. He saw that he and the King Jingyuan both lived in Xianling and had an meritorious service. He was awarded the seal of the Ministry of Industry. 68岁时卒于澧州,葬州西北白岩山(今临澧县新安镇境内)。 He died in Luzhou at the age of 68 and was buried in Baiyan Mountain, northwest of the state (now in Lin'an County, Xin'an Town). 六百多年的沧桑岁月里,澧州坊间仍然流传着关于李如圭动人的历史故事。 In the vicissitudes of more than 600 years, Li Rugui's moving historical story still spreads in Luzhou Square.
李如圭为官清廉,造福桑梓。 Li Rugui is an official and honest, and benefits Sangzi. 当时有口皆碑,晚年致仕归里,仍将一生不离的座右铭宏济艰难条幅,高悬在自己的书房。 At that time, there was a lot of word of mouth. In his old age, he returned to his home, and still hung his motto " Hongji Difficulty " in his study. 以他一生奉行的表彰先哲,激扬后学,待乡亲彬彬有礼,御家人从不傲慢的作风示范乡邻。 Demonstrate his neighbors with his style of " recognizing sages, encouraging after school, being polite to family members, and never being arrogant " . 就连先人家产,他也全部留给各兄弟,自己所置田产,仅供衣食之用。 Even his ancestor's property was left to his brothers, and his own property was for food and clothing. 李如圭的儿子李辅阳,享受到皇帝给他的读书权利,性情廉静。 Li Rugui's son, Li Fuyang, enjoyed the reading right given to him by the emperor, and had a calm temperament. 李如圭的父亲在儿子当权时闭门谢客,不受时俗缠绕,人称有苏伯遗风。 Li Rugui's father thanked guests behind closed doors when his son was in power. 真是一人做官,满门行善。 Really one person is an official, doing good deeds everywhere. 由此,李、梁夫妇深受州民爱戴和敬重,他被列入澧州乡贤祠的主要祭祀者之一。 Because of this, the Li and Liang couples were deeply loved and respected by the people of the state, and he was listed as one of the main sacrifices in Yinzhou Xiangxian Temple.
退归故里后的李如圭赋闲在家,平日除进谒藩府华阳王朱承爝(袭封第六代王)而外,常常观光孟姜祠、彭思王庙、武当行宫(即上观宫)和安乡谯楼等名胜古迹,撰写了许多文采飞扬的诗文,诸如《记》、《传》、《五古》、《七津》等,他的代表作品有《怀古集》、《武当行宫记》、《贞节祠记》。 After returning to his hometown, Li Rugui's Fu stayed at home. He usually visited the Meng Jiang Temple, Peng Si Temple, Wudang Xinggong Palace (that is, Shangguan Palace), and visited the Meng Jiang Temple, the Peng Si Temple, and the Shangguan Palace. Anxiang Diaolou and other places of interest have written many poems such as "Record", "Biography", "Five Ancients", "Seven Jin", etc. His representative works include "Nostalgic Collection", "Wudangxing Palace Records" "," Chaste Shrine ".
为纪念布衣宰相李如圭,澧州一带还流传着孟姜女的两则传说: To commemorate Li Rugui, the prime minister, two legends of Meng Jiangnv are circulating in Luzhou:
孟姜女梦中助尚书 Meng Jiangnv's Book of Dreams
明代弘治年间,工部尚书李如圭奉旨整治荆江水患,荆江里的江猪很多,扔下去的土包石块,都被它们咬破或者拱走,堤岸无法加固。 During the Hongzhi period of the Ming Dynasty, Li Rugui, a minister of the Ministry of Industry, directed the flood control of the Jingjiang River. There were a lot of pigs in the Jingjiang River. 李如圭寝食不安。 Li Rugui was restless. 一天晚上,姜女托梦,告诉他一个办法:派人四处收集破铜烂铁,铸成鼎锅一样的硬坨,下到堤脚,江猪咬不烂,拱不动,堤脚牢固,江堤就安全了。 One night, Jiang Nv dreamed and told him a way: send people to collect broken copper and iron, cast it into a hard pot like a tripod, and go down to the bank of the embankment. The dyke is safe. 李尚书照此办理,果然成功。 Li Shangshu proceeded accordingly, and it was a success. 从此以后,荆江两岸风调雨顺,五谷丰登。 Since then, the weather on both sides of the Jingjiang River has been smooth and the grain has been abundant.
孟姜庙的来历 Origin of Meng Jiang Temple
明朝工部尚书李如圭回家养老,晚上就住宿在陕西同官。 Ming Dynasty Ministry of Industry Shang Shu Li Rugui returned home to care for the elderly, and stayed with fellow officials in Shaanxi at night. 一天晚上,李如圭看书看倦了,伏在桌上昏昏人睡,只见从外面走进来一个年轻女子,哭哭啼啼地对他说: 大人,请您怜念我们是同乡故里,将我的魂魄带回去在我的家乡修一座庙,好叫我魂魄有个归宿。 说完,用力推了一下李如圭。 One night, Li Rugui was tired of reading and reading, and fell asleep on the table. I saw a young woman coming in from the outside, crying to him, " Sir, please pity us that we are the hometown of my fellow villagers. Take it back to build a temple in my hometown, so that my soul has a home. " After that, I pushed Li Rugui hard. 李如圭惊醒后,回想梦中的情景,急忙叫了几个家人,沿村巡访,查问了当地的老百姓。 After awakening, Li Rugui recalled the scene in his dream, hurriedly called a few family members, visited the village, and questioned the local people. 当地几个老人将李如圭带到一座大庙前,指着庙对李如圭说: 大人,这是姜女庙,听我们的前辈讲,孟姜女当年死在这里,我们的前辈敬重她的忠烈,出钱修了这座庙,并塑了这尊姜女像。 Local seniors took Li Rugui to a large temple and pointed to the temple and said to Li Rugui: " Sir, this is Jiang Nv Temple. Listen to our predecessors, Meng Jiang Nv died here. Our predecessors respected her loyalty. Qian repaired the temple and shaped this ginger girl. "
李如圭听完,拜谢了这些老人,自己默默走到姜女像前,暗暗祷告,要孟姜女随他回去,并答应给她修庙宇。 After hearing this, Li Rugui thanked the old men and went to the statue of Jiang Nu silently, praying secretly, asking Meng Jiang Nu to go back with him, and promised to repair the temple for her. 祷告完毕,他便走出大庙,边走边喊着孟姜女的名字走回住地,据说这叫喊魂 After praying, he walked out of the big temple and shouted the name of Meng Jiangnu as he walked back to his place of residence, which is said to be called " Screaming Soul " . 新洲农村现在仍流传着这种迷信说法。 This superstition is still circulating in rural Xinzhou.
第二天,李如圭出钱请人塑了一尊姜女像,又租了一只大船,自己亲自押送大船同往,每到一处,李如圭便把孟姜女的故事讲给来观看孟姜女像的人们听,人们听了,就将孟姜女的故事编成三棒鼓、大鼓和歌谣到处演唱。 The next day, Li Rugui paid for a statue of a ginger girl, rented a big boat, and escorted the big ship himself. Every time he went, Li Rugui told the story of Meng Jiangnu to the people who watched it. When people listened, they compiled the story of Meng Jiangnv into three stick drums, drums, and ballads. 从这以后,各地都修起了姜女庙。 Since then, Jiang Nv Miao has been built everywhere.
不久,李如圭将孟姜女像运到新洲,随即命令湖南巡抚和当地州府修建姜女庙。 Soon after, Li Rugui transported the statue of Meng Jiang to Xinzhou, and then ordered the governor of Hunan and the local prefecture to build a ginger girl temple. 李如圭按照孟姜女梦中的意愿,把庙修在孟姜山上,还亲自将这座庙题名贞烈祠 ,将里面的大堂叫百炼堂 ,把安放姜女像的大堂叫绿云宫 Li Rugui built the temple on Meng Jiangshan according to the dream of Meng Jiangnv, and also personally named the temple " Zhenlie Temple " , called the inside lobby " Bai Lian Tang " , and called the lobby where the statue of ginger was " Green Cloud Palace " . 李如圭还特地为贞烈祠做了祠祀,当地人都叫这座庙为姜女娘娘庙 Li Rugui also made a sacrifice for the Zhenlie Temple. Local people call this temple the " Ginger Girl Temple " .

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