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The post-75 deputy magistrate was involved in the case or was double-opened: scared of poverty, always thinking of making money

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陈向华被带走,郴州官场和民间一片哗然。 Chen Xianghua was taken away, and there was an uproar in Luzhou officialdom and the people.

因为做事有魄力,他被称为陈大胆 Because of his courage to do things, he was called " Chen Bold. " 如果没落马,这个27岁担任团县委书记, 32岁担任嘉禾县委常委、副县长, 34岁官至汝城县委常委、常务副县长的干部,可谓前途不可限量。 If they fail, the 27 -year-old cadre of the regiment county committee, the 32 -year-old cadre of the Jiahe County Party Committee and deputy head of the county, and the 34 -year-old official who is a member of the standing committee of Rucheng County Party Committee and executive deputy head of the county have an infinite future.

然而,在纪委工作过两年,身为国家公职人员的他,却认为帮别人忙,收取回报是一件正常的事。 However, after working in the Discipline Inspection Commission for two years, as a national public official, he thinks it is normal to help others and collect returns. 最终他在贪、色、义三把刀的作用下,一步步走向犯罪深渊。 Eventually, under the action of the " three knives " of greed, sex, and justice, he stepped into the abyss of crime step by step.

陈向华,男, 19787月出生,在职研究生文化,资兴市人。 Chen Xianghua, male, born in July 1978 , working graduate culture, Zixing. 20107月至20129月,陈向华担任嘉禾县委常务、副县长, 20129月至20169月任汝城县委常委、县政府常务副县长。 From July 2010 to September 2012, Chen Xianghua served as the executive and deputy head of the Jiahe County Party Committee. From September 2012 to September 2016 , he served as the standing committee member of the Rucheng County Party Committee and the executive deputy head of the county government.

824 ,时任汝城县委常委、常务副县长的陈向华参加了一个政府项目会,也就在当天,郴州市纪委第四纪检监察室副主任刘石军和几名纪委工作人员,在会场将他带走。 On August 24 , 2016 , Chen Xianghua, then a member of the Standing Committee of the Rucheng County Party Committee and executive deputy head of the county, attended a government project meeting. On the same day, Liu Shijun, deputy director of the Fourth Discipline Inspection and Inspection Office of the Quzhou Discipline Inspection Commission, and several staff members of the Discipline Inspection Commission, Take him away. 霸道威风的形象大相径庭。 At that time, his face was not good, and people had lost a circle, which was very different from the usual image of " domineering power " .

恐惧,接近崩溃。 刘石军说, 被抓之前,陈向华几乎每天都让司机开车载他从汝城跑回郴州,与别人串供,可谓心力交瘁。 " Fear, it is close to collapse. " Liu Shijun said, " Before being arrested, Chen Xianghua asked the driver to drive a car almost every day. He ran from Rucheng back to Luzhou and made confessions with others. It was hard work. "

郴州市纪委通过调查,认定陈向华涉嫌存在严重违纪违法问题,涉案金额或达2000余万元。 The Chenzhou Discipline Inspection Commission found through investigation that Chen Xianghua was suspected of serious disciplinary and law violations, and the amount involved may reach more than 20 million yuan. 目前,陈向华已被开除党籍、公职,相关案件已移送司法机关处理。 At present, Chen Xianghua has been expelled from the party and public office, and related cases have been transferred to judicial authorities for processing.

受贿后担心败露,找人串供 Worried about exposure after taking bribes

2010 年,陈向华调任嘉禾县委常委、副县长,认识了县煤炭局局长欧林军。 In 2010 , Chen Xianghua was transferred to the Standing Committee of the Jiahe County Party Committee and deputy head of the county, and met with the director of the county coal bureau, Ou Linjun. 2011年春节,欧林军给陈向华拜年,打了一个5000元的红包。 In the Spring Festival of 2011 , Ou Linjun gave Chen Xianghua the New Year and gave him a 5,000 yuan red envelope. 从没见过这么大红包的陈向华又惊又喜,对欧林军产生好感,从此把他当做好兄弟。 Chen Xianghua, who has " never seen such a big red envelope, " was shocked and delighted, feeling good for Ou Linjun and treating him as a brother. 之后,陈向华分管煤炭局,与欧林军的交往更加密切。 Since then, Chen Xianghua has been in charge of the Coal Bureau, and has closer contact with the Ou Linjun. 在欧的介绍下,陈向华认识了很多老板。 Under Ou's introduction, Chen Xianghua met many bosses.

刘石军说,这些老板们出手阔绰,打牌,钱都是用密码箱装,陈向华刚开始只是在边上看看。 Liu Shijun said that these bosses have generous shots, playing cards, and money are packed in password boxes. Chen Xianghua just started looking at the side. 后来,有些老板就邀陈向华一起玩,还给他打牌的本钱,说输了算我的,赢了算你的 Later, some bosses invited Chen Xianghua to play with him, and also gave him the cost of playing cards, saying, "If you lose me, you win. " 因为他是副县长,老板们都放水,所以每次陈向华都赢。 " Because he is the deputy head of the county and the bosses all release water, every time Chen Xianghua wins. "

虽然老板们给陈向华钱,但陈向华并不尊重他们,对待老板就像对待马仔一样。 Although the bosses " send " money to Chen Xianghua, Chen Xianghua does not respect them and treats the boss like a " Ma Zi " . 在审讯中,陈向华坦言,自己一方面瞧不起他们,另一方面很不甘心。 During the interrogation, Chen Xianghua confessed that on the one hand he looked down on them, and on the other hand he was very unwilling. 为什么他们字不识几个,能有这么多钱? 在这种心理的作用下,他的胃口变得越来越大,挣钱的欲望也越来越强烈。 " Why don't they know a few words and can have so much money? " With this psychological effect, his appetite has become bigger and bigger, and his desire to make money has become stronger and stronger.

2011 年下半年,嘉禾县启动四大煤矿棚户区项目改造,欧林军邀请陈向华入股,陈同意了。 In the second half of 2011 , Jiahe County started the renovation of the four major coal shanty town projects. Ou Linjun invited Chen Xianghua to take a stake, and Chen agreed. 在此期间,陈向华认识了某房地产公司老总胡某,并为胡某在棚户区改造工程中提供帮助。 During this period, Chen Xianghua met Hu, the head of a real estate company, and provided assistance to Hu in the shantytown renovation project. 有一次,陈向华和欧林军、胡某三人经过郴州小埠南岭生态园别墅区。 On one occasion, Chen Xianghua, Ou Linjun and Hu Mou passed the villa area of Nanling Ecological Park in Xiaobu, Luzhou. 陈向华说,哎呀这个房子真好,以后有升值空间。后来又跟胡某说,我帮你这么大忙,你也不表示一下? ”201110月,胡某出资211.4万元为陈向华和欧林军分别购买了一套别墅,其中为陈向华出资142.14万元。 " Chen Xianghua said," Oh, this house is so good. There will be room for appreciation in the future. Then I told Hu Mou that I was so helpful to you, don't you tell me? "In October 2011, Hu Mou contributed 2.114 million yuan for Chen Xianghua and Ou Linjun. A villa was purchased separately, of which RMB 14.214 million was invested for Chen Xianghua. 20155月,陈向华以高出市场价74.9万元的价格将别墅转让给一公司老板肖某。 In May 2015, Chen Xianghua transferred the villa to a company owner Xiaomou at a price higher than the market price of 749,000 yuan.

刘石军介绍,去年5月,陈向华的问题就已浮出水面。 Liu Shijun introduced that in May last year, Chen Xianghua's problem had surfaced. 郴州市纪委接到举报,称陈向华有严重违纪违法问题。 The Chenzhou Discipline Inspection Commission received a report saying that Chen Xianghua had serious disciplinary and law violations. 我们就去查,一查吓一跳。 " Let's check it, startle it. "

之后,陈向华被郴州纪委约谈,希望他坦白从宽,但他没有抓住机会 Later, Chen Xianghua was interviewed by the Luzhou Discipline Inspection Commission, hoping that he would be frank and lenient, but he " has not seized the opportunity. " 不仅如此,他还伪造证据,与他人串供,向组织提供虚假情况,对抗组织审查。 Not only that, he also falsified evidence, colluded with others, provided false information to the organization, and resisted organizational censorship.

2016 7月,欧林军被调查后,陈向华担心欧供出自己,多次与胡某串供。 In July 2016, after Ou Linjun was investigated, Chen Xianghua was worried that Europe would confess himself and repeatedly confessed with Hu. 胡某同意按陈向华要求统一口径,在郴州市纪委调查期间作出陈向华2015年底归还90万元的供述。 Hu agreed to make a unified statement according to Chen Xianghua's request and make a statement of " Chen Xianghua returned 900,000 yuan at the end of 2015 " during the investigation by the Chenzhou Discipline Inspection Commission. 此外,陈向华还找到肖某,将多收的70多万元分两次退还。 In addition, Chen Xianghua also found Xiao, and returned the over 700,000 yuan received twice. 市纪委调查组找肖某了解情况时,肖某按照与陈向华统一的口径进行了陈述。 When the investigation team of the Municipal Discipline Inspection Commission asked Xiaomou to understand the situation, Xiaomou made a statement in accordance with the unified calibre with Chen Xianghua.

做事有魄力,民间称其陈大胆 Have courage to do things, people call it " Chen bold "

在汝城民间,陈向华有陈大胆之称。 In Rucheng folk, Chen Xianghua is known as " Chen bold " . 因为他做事有魄力,别人不敢拍板的事情他敢拍板,别人不敢签的字他敢签。 Because he has the courage to do things, he dares to clap things that others dare not sign, and he dares to sign words that others dare not sign. 这是一把双刃剑,在中国近十年的县域经济改革中,这一类型的官员往往强势,能办成事,但如果运用不当,反会被大胆所害。 This is a double-edged sword. In China's county-level economic reforms in the past decade, this type of officials is often strong and can do things, but if they are not used properly, they will be " dared " . 刘石军说,陈向华正是如此。 Liu Shijun said that Chen Xianghua is exactly the same.

案件审理报告显示,在任嘉禾县委常委、副县长,汝城县委常委、常务副县长期间,陈向华收受红包礼金共计133.3万元,欧米茄手表2块,黄金100克;违反规定从事营利活动,获利101万元;非法占有22869元。 The case trial report shows that during his tenure as member of the Standing Committee of the Jiahe County Party Committee and Deputy County Chief, Rucheng County Party Committee and Executive Deputy County Chief, Chen Xianghua received a total of 1.333 million yuan in red envelopes, two Omega watches and 100 grams of gold; The profit was 1.01 million yuan; the illegal possession of 22869 yuan. 在红包礼金这一块,任何节假日陈向华都不放过, 有次清明节,他跟一个老板说手头有点紧,这个老板就分四五次把90万元打到他的账上。 In the red envelope gift, Chen Xianghua did not miss any holiday. " One Ching Ming Festival, he told a boss that he was a little tight, and the boss charged 900,000 yuan to his account in four or five times. "

陈向华自称懂经济,在其他人看来,他的确有商业头脑,善于理财。 Chen Xianghua claims to understand the economy. To others, he does have a business mind and is good at managing money. 刘石军说,陈向华收受的贿赂,很多都是刚进口袋,就被他拿去买股票、基金,或者买房子,让钱升值。 Liu Shijun said that many of the bribes received by Chen Xianghua were just imported into his pockets, and he was used to buy stocks, funds, or houses to increase the value of his money. 作为官员,陈向华曾和一个周姓生意人,以及原宜章县委副书记张卫星合伙成立了公司,陈向华占股20% As an official, Chen Xianghua once formed a company in partnership with a businessman named Zhou and Zhang Weixing, the former deputy secretary of the Yizhang County Party Committee. Chen Xianghua holds 20% of the shares. 这个公司的第一笔业务,就是参与或承建汝城县盈岭公路项目、汝城县三号楼小区建设项目等工程,公路盈利320万元,陈向华获利部分马上被他投入到了汝城的其他项目建设中。 The company's first business was to participate in or undertake the construction of the Yingling Highway Project in Rucheng County and the construction project of the No. 3 building in Rucheng County. The road profit was 3.2 million yuan. Chen Xianghua's profit was immediately invested in Rucheng's Other projects are under construction.

刘石军说,在此过程中,陈向华充分发挥了他大胆的性格和经济头脑,本来要搞公开招标的,他大笔一挥就变成了邀标模式。 Liu Shijun said that in the process, Chen Xianghua gave full play to his " bold " character and economic acumen. He was supposed to engage in open bidding, and he turned it into a bid invitation mode with a big stroke. 此外,他还通过转包、转借、 借鸡生蛋 (纠集老板去买某块地,成立房产公司,实际掌控权在他手上)等方式,大肆谋取利益。 In addition, he also used the methods of subcontracting, lending, and " borrowing chickens to make eggs " (collecting the boss to buy a piece of land, setting up a real estate company, and actually controlling the power in his hands). 另外,陈向华还多次入股银行,先后投资465万元入股当地银行,获利37万余元。 In addition, Chen Xianghua also invested in banks several times, investing 4.65 million yuan to invest in local banks, making a profit of more than 370,000 yuan.

案件审理报告显示,陈向华在担任嘉禾县委常委、副县长,汝城县委常委、常务副县长期间,多次利用职务上的便利,在工程承揽、工程款拨付等方面为他人谋取利益,单独或共同收受他人财物1651.9万元。 The case trial report showed that during his tenure as member of the Standing Committee of Jiahe County Party Committee and Deputy County Chief, Rucheng County Party Committee and Executive Deputy County Chief, Chen Xianghua repeatedly took advantage of his position to obtain benefits for others in terms of project contracting and project payment disbursement. Or collectively receive 16.519 million yuan from others. 此外,陈向华还与多名女性发生不正当性关系,违反中央八项规定精神,操办岳父丧事并收取礼金,挪用公款旅游,违规使用、装饰公务用车,瞒报个人有关事项等。 In addition, Chen Xianghua also had improper sexual relations with a number of women, violated the spirit of the eight requirements of the Central Committee, handled the funeral of his father-in-law and received gifts, misappropriated public funds for travel, used illegally, decorated official cars, and concealed personal related matters.

忏悔 repent

我是被'三把刀'所害 " I was killed by the " three knives ""

陈向华是怎么走到这一步的? How did Chen Xianghua get here? 他忏悔说, 我是被'三把刀'所害。 He confessed, " I was killed by the " three knives. "

第一是 The first is " greedy " . 陈向华小时候家里条件不好,结婚时,他是安仁县委组织部最年轻的干部组组长,但买一辆摩托车都要跟别人借钱, 穷怕了,所以总想着挣钱 When Chen Xianghua was a kid, he had poor family conditions. When he was married, he was the youngest cadre leader of the organization department of the Anren County Party Committee, but he had to borrow money from others when he bought a motorcycle. " I was so scared, so I always wanted to make money. " 到嘉禾工作后,看到老板们出手阔绰,他逐渐心理失衡,发展到借权敛财,插手工程项目,一步步走向犯罪深渊。 After working at Jiahe, seeing the bosses' generous shots, he gradually became psychologically unbalanced, developed to borrow money to collect money, stepped in engineering projects, and stepped into the abyss of crime.

第二是 The second is " color " . 任职期间,陈向华与多名女性有不正当关系,这让很多老板可以通过他身边的女人拉近关系。 During his tenure, Chen Xianghua had improper relationships with several women, which allowed many bosses to get closer through the women around him.

第三是 The third is " righteousness. " 陈向华与老板们称兄道弟,下属叫他陈老板 ,他甚至还沾沾自喜, 慢慢地把自己当成老板一样,投资、入股、搞项目、玩女人。同时为老板们谋利,自己也分得利益。 Chen Xianghua and his bosses call him brothers and brothers, and his subordinates call him " Boss Chen " , and he even complacently, " slowly treat himself as a boss, invest, invest in stocks, engage in projects, and play with women. At the same time, for the benefit of the bosses, they also share Benefits. "

梳理陈向华的成长及政治轨迹,不难看出,陈向华对的渴望很早就已显露出来。 Sorting out Chen Xianghua's growth and political trajectory, it is not difficult to see that Chen Xianghua's desire for " money " has been revealed long ago.

陈向华出身于资兴市一个普通农民家庭,从小跟着爷爷奶奶长大,一直品学兼优,是家里的骄傲。 Chen Xianghua was born in an ordinary peasant family in Zixing City. He grew up with his grandparents from childhood and has always been an excellent student. He is proud of his family. 大学考入湖南农业大学,并在学生会担任主要干部。 The university was admitted to Hunan Agricultural University and served as the main cadre in the student union. 大学毕业后,直接选上了湖南省委组织部的选调生,分配到安仁龙海镇当干部。 After graduating from college, he was directly selected by the Hunan Provincial Party Committee Organization Department as a cadre. 参加工作第一月工资400元,被人偷了,陈向华很痛苦, 从此产生了对金钱的渴望 The first month of work was paid 400 yuan, was stolen, Chen Xianghua was very painful, " from then on the desire for money. "

之后,陈向华的仕途可谓顺风顺水。 After that, Chen Xianghua's career was smooth. 从一般干部到副科级干部只用了一年,从副科级到正科用了3年。 It took only one year from the general cadre to the deputy section cadre, and it took three years from the deputy section to the main section. 2004年,陈向华26岁,是安仁县委组织部最年轻的干部组组长。 In 2004 , Chen Xianghua was 26 years old and was the youngest cadre group leader of the Organization Department of Anren County Party Committee.

2005 年,陈向华担任安仁团县委书记。 In 2005 , Chen Xianghua served as Secretary of the Anren Mission County Party Committee. 他给自己买东西,比如买一套衣服花了3000多元,也要去找财务报账。 He buys things for himself, for example, it costs more than 3,000 yuan to buy a set of clothes, and he has to find financial statements. 后来在嘉禾县任职时,他出去游玩,甚至给女朋友买的衣服、首饰,也会通过财政局报账。 Later, when he worked in Jiahe County, he went out to play, and even the clothes and jewelry he bought for his girlfriend would be reported through the Finance Bureau. 因为财政局属于陈向华分管,他就让司机交报账单,财政局再找他签字审批,等于是自己审批自己 Because the Finance Bureau belongs to Chen Xianghua, he asked the driver to submit a bill, and the Finance Bureau asked him to sign for approval, which was tantamount to " approving himself " .

缺乏有效监督。 刘石军说,这是他们从陈向华案中发现的一个很大问题,今后,纪委的工作将在这方面吸取教训。 " Lack of effective supervision. " Liu Shijun said that this is a big problem they found from the Chen Xianghua case. In the future, the work of the Discipline Inspection Commission will learn lessons in this regard.

在很多人看来,陈向华真正的官场拐点在2006年。 To many people, Chen Xianghua's real official inflection point was in 2006 . 这年,他担任郴州市委政研室主任科员、社会发展科科长,在此期间受到领导的赏识。 In this year, he served as the chief member of the Political Research Office of the Luzhou Municipal Committee and the chief of the Social Development Section. During this period, he was appreciated by the leaders. 此后,他的仕途更是一路亨通, 2008年,刚满30岁的陈向华任郴州市纪委、监察局副处级纪检员,党风廉政室主任。 Since then, his career has been prosperous all the way. In 2008 , Chen Xianghua, just 30 years old, served as the disciplinary inspector of the Discipline Inspection Commission, the Supervisory Bureau and the director of the Party Style and Clean Government Office.

2010 年, 32岁的陈向华赴嘉禾担任县委常委、副县长,两年之后,又官至汝城县委常委、常务副县长。 In 2010 , the 32 -year-old Chen Xianghua went to Jiahe to serve as the standing committee member and deputy head of the county party committee. Two years later, he returned to the standing committee and standing deputy head of the county committee of Rucheng County.

警示 Warning

无论为官还是从商,都不能丧失底线 No matter you are an official or a business, you cannot lose the bottom line

用刘石军的话说,陈向华就是太顺利了,没有经历过一丝波折。 In Liu Shijun's words, Chen Xianghua was so smooth that he had not experienced any twists and turns. 他志得意满,十分自负,仕途上的顺畅,让他产生了一种错觉:天底下没有他(陈向华)不能摆平的事。 " He is proud and very arrogant, and the smoothness of his career has led him to the illusion that there is nothing in the world that cannot be settled without him (Chen Xianghua). "

陈向华落马,很多人都吃了一惊。 Many people were taken aback when Chen Xianghua got off the horse. 一名跟陈向华有过私交的工作人员说,陈向华向来胆子大,人也很大气,说话、做事不懂避讳。 A staffer who had had personal relationships with Chen Xianghua said that Chen Xianghua was always bold and motivated. He didn't know how to avoid speaking and doing things. 有次在饭局上,陈向华跟人吹嘘, 这次我又赚了一百万 ,当时有纪委的同志就坐在旁边。 At a dinner party, Chen Xianghua boasted to others, " This time I made another million. " At that time, a comrade with a disciplinary committee was sitting next to him.

他的法纪党纪观念非常淡薄。 郴州市纪委案件审理室主任邓海燕说, 他的案子出来后,我们开玩笑说,他简直不像是在纪委呆过的同志。 " His legal discipline and party discipline concept is very weak. " Deng Haiyan, director of the case trial office of the Quzhou Discipline Inspection Commission, said, "After his case came out, we joked that he was nothing like a comrade who had been in the disciplinary commission. "

刘石军也有相似的感觉,在审问陈向华的过程中,陈向华党纪法纪意识之淡薄,让他吃惊。 Liu Shijun also had a similar feeling. During the process of interrogating Chen Xianghua, Chen Xianghua's weak awareness of party discipline and law discipline surprised him. 比如他认为,他帮了别人的忙,别人就得对他有回报,应该拿东西给他,或者拿钱给他。 "For example, he thinks that if he helps others, others will have to pay back to him and should give him something or give him money. "

陈向华忏悔说: 今后几年,一定认真学法,将法律当成后半生的依靠。之前走得太快了,现在得慢下来。 Chen Xianghua confessed: "In the next few years, we must study the law seriously and treat the law as the second half of our life. We went too fast before, and now we must slow down. "

陈向华的政治生涯已走向终结。 Chen Xianghua's political career has come to an end. 或许正如了解他的人说,他十分有商业头脑,将来或许还能成为一名商人。 Perhaps as someone who knows him says, he is very business-minded and may be a businessman in the future. 他自己也说, 不当干部了,还有很多出路。上帝为我关了一扇门,肯定还会为我打开一扇窗。或许是更大更宽的一扇窗。 He himself also said, " There is still a lot of way out for improper cadres. God closed a door for me, and certainly will open a window for me. Maybe a bigger and wider window. "

刘石军说,这种希望和憧憬是好的,说明他还有向善向好的想法,但是无论是哪种落马贪官,他们都应该明白,无论为官还是从商,或是做普通人,都不能丧失法律、道德的底线。 Liu Shijun said that this hope and long-term hope is good, which shows that he still has good ideas for good, but no matter what kind of corrupted officials, they should understand that whether they are officials or businessmen, or ordinary people, The legal and moral bottom line cannot be lost.


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