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Director of Changsha CDC was knocked down by corrupt "germs"

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当股东,包情人,借公权肆意妄为。 Do things first, then collect money, and think you are cautious ; when you are a shareholder and a lover, you use public power to do whatever you want. Chen Chang, former director of the Changsha City Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Hunan Province, believes that "there is no sage but no sage," and believes that "the party rules and regulations can only be achieved by sages." The crime abyss.

违反廉洁纪律,收受可能影响公正执行公务的礼金;违反有关规定从事营利活动,搞钱色交易;设立小金库并违规支出;利用职务上的便利,为请托人谋取利益,收受请托人所送财物,湖南省长沙市疾控中心原主任陈发明被开除党籍,涉嫌违法犯罪被移送司法机关依法处理。 Not long ago, due to violation of the spirit of the eight central regulations, receiving gifts in violation of regulations ; violation of integrity and discipline, receiving gifts that may affect the fair execution of official duties ; engaging in profit-making activities in violation of relevant regulations, engaging in money and color transactions ; setting up small vaults and spending illegally ; For the convenience of the trustee, and to receive the property sent by the trustee, the former director of the Changsha City Center for Disease Control and Prevention of Hunan Province, Chen Fang, was expelled from the party, and the suspected illegal crime was transferred to the judicial organ for handling according to law.

He has been working in the medical system and has a high title of chief physician of preventive medicine. Chen invention knows how to prevent and treat diseases. However, he allows the germs in his thoughts to continue to rag and erode, and he finally commits crimes. path of. He wrote in his confession: "Take the party's requirements for party members and leading cadres as dogma, and believe that only sages can achieve it. What he believes in is that people are not sages. They lower their standards and relax their requirements. Public and private have developed to accept other people's money and things, eager to enjoy, corrupt and degenerate. "

Every New Year, some people will appear on time in the inventor of Chen, carrying money and things to "visit the dock." 年春节前、 2015年中秋节前,陈发明收受试剂耗材供应商李某以拜节名义所送礼金各4000元。 Before the Spring Festival in 2014 and before the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2015 , Chen invention received a gift of RMB 4,000 each in the name of the festival by the supplier of reagent consumables. These are commonplace for Chen invention and don't care. 年至2016年,他收受相关人员红包礼金达数十万元。 "I think it's human nature. It doesn't violate Dafa and eat big things, but it doesn't interfere with major events. Invented himself to explain. From 2011 to 2016 , he received hundreds of thousands of yuan in red envelopes from relevant personnel.

As the leader of the unit, Chen invented the willful use of power and regarded discipline and system as furnishings.11月至20161030日,市疾控中心财务部门在他的授意下,采取多报少支手段套取绩效考核奖金共计500多万元,设立“小金库”进行账外管理,用于干部职工绩效、奖金发放、咨询费、授课费、招待费等,他对这笔资金支出享有最终确认权。 From November 2013 to October 30 , 2016, the financial department of the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, under his advice, took more than 5 million yuan to collect performance appraisal bonuses totaling more than 5 million yuan, and established a "small treasury" for off-book management. , Used for cadre and staff performance, bonus distribution, consulting fees, tuition fees, entertainment fees, etc., he has the right to final confirmation of this capital expenditure.1月至20162月,陈发明未经班子集体研究,就给全体班子成员、中层干部及部分业务骨干制定奖励标准,多次从账外资金中发放奖励共计100余万元,他个人就领取了20多万元。 From January 2014 to February 2016, Chen invention set the reward standards for all team members, middle-level cadres and some business backbones without collective research by the team. He repeatedly issued rewards from off-account funds totaling more than 1 million yuan. Received more than 200,000 yuan.

As the number one leader in power, in his eyes, power is a bargaining chip for personal gain, as he himself said: "Take the power entrusted by the party as his own capital for fame and fortune." Some people say that Chen invention is a person who is willing to help. Everyone who has received his care knows that he has an unwritten rule that he doesn't take money without doing anything, and only collects money when it is done. This is also the psychological comfort he thinks of being cautious and covering his ears.

年初,一家科技公司总经理陈某某在陈发明的帮助下,在市疾控中心空调业务招标中顺利中标,事后,为表示感谢,他送给陈发明现金7万元、 100克千足金金碗一个。 At the beginning of 2014 , Chen Moumou, the general manager of a technology company, successfully won the bid for the air-conditioning business of the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention with the help of Chen Invention. One golden bowl.3月,市疾控中心食堂承包人金某某请陈发明向分管后勤同志打招呼,介绍自己的一位朋友取得了食堂装修业务,业务总额120万元。 In March 2015, Jin Moumou, contractor of the canteen of the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, asked Chen Fang to greet the comrade in charge of logistics, and a friend who introduced himself obtained the canteen decoration business with a total business of 1.2 million yuan.1月,装修业务快结束时,金某某为感谢陈发明在食堂装修项目承接中的帮助,给他送上了现金5万元。 At the end of the renovation business in January 2016 , Jin Moumou gave him 50,000 yuan in cash to thank Chen Invention for his help in the canteen renovation project.

The staff of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection found during the disciplinary review that Chen invention used the convenience of his position to seek benefits for the trustee. The receipt of the property sent by the trustee involved all aspects of his jurisdiction, including medical equipment procurement, air-conditioning procurement and installation, property management, Canteen decoration, printing design business, etc. In addition, Chen invention also engaged in profit-making activities in violation of relevant regulations, and became a shareholder addiction.9月,他以6元每股的价格,购买了与市疾控中心存在业务关系,从事药品、疫苗销售等业务的某公司内部股权7万余股,并约定由该公司一名工作人员代为持有,按一定比例分配红利。 In September 2015, he purchased more than 70,000 shares in a company that had a business relationship with the city's disease control center and engaged in the sales of drugs and vaccines at a price of 6 yuan per share, and agreed that one company would work Personnel hold it on their behalf and distribute dividends in proportion.

However, a stack of banknotes and Huang Cancan's golden bowl did not bring real happiness and joy to Chen invention, leaving only infinite remorse. "The annoyance is that those who usually ask you, all of them vote for you, win your trust, and then dig a pit to get you in, slowly smash you to death with money, and make you regret it." Chen invention said.

Chen invention was born in a military family. His father was a veteran who resisted the United States and aided the DPRK. He received a traditional education of loyalty, filial piety, and morality from childhood. The beginning of heart gradually drifted away.

12月至201610月,陈发明在婚姻存续期间,长期与一名已婚女下属保持不正当性关系。 From December 2011 to October 2016, during the marriage, Chen invention maintained a long-term improper sexual relationship with a married female subordinate.4月至201610月期间,陈发明分4次送给这名女子现金21万元,据他自己交代,其中11万元是自己利用职务便利为他人谋利收取的钱款,再转送她。 From April 2015 to October 2016, Chen invention gave the woman 210,000 yuan in cash four times, according to his own account, of which 110,000 yuan was the money collected by himself for the benefit of others using his job convenience, and then Forward her.

不孝,愧对在天之灵的父母;不义,与别人之妻勾搭成奸。作为单位主要领导,本应率先守纪,自己却有失道德规范,不堪见人,德不配位。”只可惜,这番悔悟来得太迟…… In his confession, Chen Fang judged himself like this: "Unfaithful, unfaithful to the party's cause, unfaithful to his wife and family ; unfilial piety, ashamed of his parents in heaven ; unrighteousness, colluding with others' wives. The main leader, who should have taken the lead in observing discipline, has unethical standards, is invisible to others, and does not deserve his position. "Unfortunately, this regret came too late ...

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