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[China Discipline Inspection and Supervision News] "Multifaceted People" Smashed

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He is an arty "photographer" who purchases high-end cameras for individuals with public funds; he is a "businessman" who clearly sets the price and discusses the proportion of project profit sharing with the project owner; he is a "accountant" who is skilled in calculations and asks the project owner to provide the project A detailed profit statement, he deserves a decent amount of money; he is also an "actor" who deceived the organization, and wrote and performed a "drama" of the offensive and defensive alliance against organizational censorship. He is Tang Yang, former party secretary of the Urban Construction Management Office of Yanfeng District, Hengyang City, Hunan Province, and former chairman of Urban Construction Investment Co., Ltd.

11月, 56岁的汤杨因严重违反政治纪律、组织纪律、廉洁纪律、工作纪律和国家法律法规规定,且在党的十八大后不收敛、不收手,性质恶劣、情节严重,被开除党籍、开除公职,其涉嫌受贿犯罪问题被移送检察机关审查起诉。 In November 2018 , Tang Yang, 56 , suffered serious violations of political discipline, organizational discipline, integrity discipline, work discipline, and national laws and regulations, and did not converge or give up after the 18th Party Congress. , Was expelled from the party and expelled from public office, and his suspected bribery was transferred to the procuratorate for review and prosecution. 年,并处罚金20万元。 In the end, he was sentenced to three years in prison and fined 200,000 yuan.

Arty "photographer"

Tang Yang is not good at smoking and drinking, and his only hobby is photography. It was also his arty hobby that became his key to opening the door to greed.

5月,汤杨走马上任雁峰区司法局党组书记、局长。 In May 2007, Tang Yang assumed the post of Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Judicial Bureau of Yanfeng District. After becoming the leader of the unit, Tang Yang gradually relaxed his requirements and began to turn his power into a tool for his own personal gain.4月,区司法局要采购设备,汤杨借机利用上级专项资金为自己购置高档相机和镜头,花费4.35万元。 In April 2014, the District Justice Bureau wanted to purchase equipment. Tang Yang took the opportunity to use high-level special funds to purchase high-end cameras and lenses for himself, which cost 43,500 yuan.

In addition, Tang Yang also asked his boss for photographic equipment.3月的一天,汤杨打电话给工程老板蒋某,约其到某商场。 One day in March 2014, Tang Yang called engineering boss Jiang to ask him to go to a shopping mall. When the two were shopping in the photographic equipment area, Tang Yang stated that "this camera has good performance and the photo effect is very good, but the price is a bit expensive", showing his intention to buy. 元的相机,送给了汤杨,汤杨假意推辞了一下就收下了。 Jiang Mou quickly paid for the camera that was worth 9999 yuan and gave it to Tang Yang. Tang Yang pretended to quit and accepted it.

"Merchant" with a clear price

5月调任雁峰区住房和城乡建设局党组书记、局长之后,他的三观已然迷失在追逐利益的危途当中。 "I think that I am approaching the retirement age and it is the last time that I am the leader of an important department. Promotion is no longer possible. Why not use this platform to make some money, accumulate funds for future retirement, and lay the foundation for enjoying life?" Tang Yang wrote in his regret It is self-reported that after being transferred to the Secretary and Director of the Party Group of the Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau of Yanfeng District in May 2014, his three views have been lost in the danger of chasing interest.

Under the introduction of a friend, Tang Yang and the owner of the lighting project Xuemou became "friends."7月,汤杨帮助薛某承接了第一个路灯安装工程。 In July 2014, Tang Yang helped Xue to undertake the first streetlight installation project. 年底,薛某送给汤杨1.5万元现金以表感谢。 At the end of 2014 , Xuemou gave Tang Yang 15,000 yuan in cash as a thank you. This time, I tasted the "sweetness". Since then, the District Housing and Urban Construction Bureau involved in the lighting project, Tang Yang will run it in person and let Xue Mou take over. At the same time, the two parties also reached an agreement, Xue agreed to give Tang Yang a thank you fee for half of the profits from the contract. 年至2017年间,在汤杨的帮助下,薛某在雁峰区住建局共计承揽了600余万元的亮化工程项目。 From 2015 to 2017 , with the help of Tang Yang, Xuemou undertook a total of more than 6 million yuan of lighting projects in the Housing and Urban Construction Bureau of Yanfeng District. 万元人民币。 According to the previous agreement on profit sharing, Tang Yang demanded RMB 300,000 for investment.

"In the process of corruption, Tang Yang has already used a set of common tactics. He usually talks with the project owner about the profit sharing ratio, and then he will hand over the relevant project to the boss." According to the comrades of the investigation team, Tang Yang's accepting bribes has reached the point where he is brazen and clearly marked.

年,当蒋某因承揽工程找上门并许诺利益回扣时,汤杨明知其不具备施工资质、违规挂靠其他公司,仍指定蒋某承揽了区住建局1600余万元的工程项目。 In 2015 , when Jiang came to the door for a contracted project and promised a rebate, Tang Yang Ming knew that he did not have the construction qualifications and affiliated with other companies in violation of regulations. He still designated Jiang to contract for more than 16 million yuan in construction projects of the District Housing and Construction Bureau. Later, Tang Yang asked Jiang for hundreds of thousands of yuan in thanks for stock back-ups and investment companies.

Accounting-friendly "accounting"

"He has lost the basic bottom line of a Communist Party member and has completely become a slave to money." According to investigators, Tang Yang, who is good at calculations and considers himself to have "a set of money", received the money and property of the project owner while returning Leverage job influence to lend high interest to engineering bosses.

Knowing Xue's lack of funds during the implementation of the project, Tang Yang had a small abacus in his heart. Therefore, he used the influence of his position to use Xuemo's money to lend Xuemo a high interest rate.

In addition, in order to liquidate his profit share, Tang Yang asked Xue and Jiang to provide a detailed list of project profits for their profit accounting. Even when he learned that Jiang was preparing to settle wages for migrant workers, Tang Yang used the name of going to Jiang's house to drink tea and chatting, and "supervised" Jiang on the spot to pay wages to migrant workers in order to grasp the profit of Jiang's undertaking the project To understand the proportion of labor wage expenditure.

"Actors" deceiving the organization

611日,雁峰区纪委监委对衡阳市纪委监委交办的汤杨有关问题线索进行初步核实。 On June 11 , 2018 , the Yanfeng District Commission for Discipline Inspection conducted a preliminary verification of clues about Tang Yang assigned by the Commission for Discipline Inspection of Hengyang City. The following afternoon, Tang Yang accidentally learned that the task force was investigating it. Fearing that the violation of discipline and law was revealed, after meditation, Tang Yang carefully designed a "good show" in an attempt to hide the sky.

That night, Tang Yang rushed to Jiang's house, told Jiang that accepting the project profit rebate was a loan, and wrote a debit note to Jiang, and informed that the relevant money would be returned. In the same way, Tang Yang also entered an offensive and defensive alliance with Xue. Tang Yang, who considers himself "seamless", avoids the importance of arrogance, sophistry and refusal to cooperate in the face of organizational interrogation. However, in the face of a large amount of evidence, Tang Yang could no longer hide his inner confusion, and the carefully established offensive and defensive alliance "drama" ended with a shame before it debuted and was completely disintegrated.

"If you have no restraint, you will lose sex, if you want to lose it, you will lose your indulgence. It is because of greed that Tang Yang used the power in his hands to make a lot of money." As he neared retirement, he was expelled from the party, fired from public office, and sentenced to life imprisonment. The lesson was painful and profound. (Correspondent Liao Jieying and Tan Qiongfei)

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