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The sharp weapon of administering the party comprehensively and rigorously——On the implementation of the Regulations of the Communist Party of China on Accountability

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人民日报评论员 People's Daily Commentator

     全面从严治党只有进行时没有完成时。 Strictly administering the party in an all-round way is only completed when it is not completed. 日前,中共中央印发《中国共产党问责条例》。 A few days ago, the CPC Central Committee issued the "Accountability Regulations of the Communist Party of China." 这是继《中国共产党廉洁自律准则》《中国共产党纪律处分条例》之后,党中央全面从严治党的又一制度创新,充分彰显了中国共产党人敢于担当的鲜明品格,也为严肃党内政治生活、净化党内政治生态提供了重要保障。 This is another institutional innovation of the CPC Central Committee to strictly and strictly govern the Party after the "Credibility and Self-discipline Regulations of the Communist Party of China" and the CPC ’s discipline and discipline. Life and purification of the political ecology within the party provide important guarantees.

全面从严治党的利器 ,这是中央政治局对问责条例的定位。 " The sharp weapon for ruling the party comprehensively and strictly " is the positioning of the Political Bureau of the CPC on the accountability regulations. 早在 2009 6 月,中办国办就印发了《关于实行党政领导干部问责的暂行规定》。 As early as June 2009, the State Council Office of the State Council issued and issued the "Interim Provisions on Implementing Accountability of Party and Government Leading Cadres." 此次将 暂行规定 升格为 条例 ,不仅释放出 有责必问、问责必严 的强烈信号,也表明党内问责制度更趋成型、更加规范。 The upgrade of the " Interim Provisions " to " Regulations " this time not only issued a strong signal that " accountability must be asked and accountability must be strict " , but also showed that the party's accountability system has become more formed and standardized. 它与《中国共产党廉洁自律准则》《中国共产党纪律处分条例》《中国共产党巡视工作条例》一起,构成了以党章为遵循、以责任为导向的制度体系。 It, together with the "Code of Chinese Communist Party Integrity and Self-discipline", "The Regulations of the Chinese Communist Party on Disciplinary Actions" and "The Regulations of the Chinese Communist Party on Inspection Work", constitute a system that is guided by the Party Constitution and is oriented by responsibility.

有权必有责,有责要担当,失责必追究。 我们党一向高度重视责任追究问题,党的十八大以来又在实践中创造出许多新经验。 "The power must be responsible, the responsibility must be assumed, and the default must be investigated. " Our party has always attached great importance to the issue of accountability. Since the 18th CPC National Congress, it has created many new experiences in practice. 党的十八届三中全会提出,落实党风廉政建设责任制,党委负主体责任,纪委负监督责任,制定实施切实可行的责任追究制度。 The Third Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Party put forward the implementation of the responsibility system for party style and clean government construction, with the party committee responsible for the main responsibility and the disciplinary committee for monitoring responsibility, and formulated and implemented a practical accountability system. 党的十八届四中全会提出,完善纠错问责机制,实行办案质量终身负责制和错案责任倒查问责制。 The Fourth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China proposed to improve the mechanism for error correction and accountability, and implement a life-long responsibility system for the quality of case handling and a system for investigating the wrong responsibility. 十八届中央纪委 18th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection     六次会议提出,完善和规范责任追究机制。 Six meetings proposed to improve and standardize the accountability mechanism. 从彻查山西塌方式腐败,到严肃问责湖南衡阳破坏选举案、四川南充拉票贿选案,再到彻查十八大前辽宁省委、省人大换届选举问题,问责工作的持续深入,表明了全面从严治党的坚定决心,也为制度创新积累了重要经验。 From the thorough investigation of corruption in Shanxi, to the serious accountability of Hunan Hengyang for destroying elections, the Sichuan Nanchong canvassing and bribery elections, and the thorough investigation of the election of the former Liaoning Provincial Party Committee and Provincial People's Congress of the 18th CPC National Congress, the continuous deepening of accountability has shown The firm determination to administer the party strictly and comprehensively has also accumulated important experience for institutional innovation.

     当前,全面从严治党正处于从治标为主走向标本兼治的重要节点,必须在坚持中深化、在深化中坚持,将实践创新固化为制度。 At present, the strict administration of the party in an all-round way is at an important point in moving from treating the symptoms to treating both the symptoms and the symptoms. We must deepen through persistence and deepen, and solidify practice and innovation into a system. 问责条例既是对党章规定的细化、具体化,也体现了党的十八大以来全面从严治党的新理念、新思路。 The accountability regulations not only detail and embody the provisions of the Party Constitution, but also reflect the new ideas and new ideas for the strict and strict administration of the Party since the 18th National Congress of the Party. 条例整合问责制度,健全问责机制,把监督检查、目标考核、责任追究有机结合起来,实现了问责内容、对象、事项、主体、程序、方式的制度化、程序化,明确了主体责任、监督责任和领导责任。 The regulations integrate the accountability system, improve the accountability mechanism, and organically combine supervision and inspection, target assessment, and accountability to achieve the institutionalization and proceduralization of accountability content, objects, matters, subjects, procedures, and methods, and clarify the main responsibility Supervision responsibility and leadership responsibility. 下一步要让问责条例真正成为全面从严治党的利器,必须在实际工作中突出政治责任,推动管党治党从宽松软走向严紧硬;坚持问题导向,抓住关键少数;体现党纪特色,做到务实管用。 The next step is to make the accountability regulations truly a tool for comprehensively administering the party strictly. It is necessary to highlight political responsibilities in actual work and promote the party's governance from loose to strict. Adhere to the problem orientation and grasp the key minority; reflect the characteristics of party discipline. To be practical. 动员千次不如问责一次 "It's better to mobilize a thousand times than to be accountable once . " 紧紧聚焦不担当、不负责、不作为、乱作为的问题,释放有责必问、有问必严的强烈信号,才能唤醒全党的担当意识,把从严治党的政治承诺转化为具体的制度和行动。 Focusing closely on the issues of non-responsibility, irresponsibility, inaction, and disorderly behavior, and releasing strong signals of responsibility and rigor, can awaken the entire party's sense of responsibility and turn the party's political commitment to strict governance into concrete Systems and actions.

     习近平总书记指出, 管党治党,必须严字当头,把严的要求贯彻全过程,做到真管真严、敢管敢严、长管长严 General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out, "To administer the party and govern the party, we must take the lead in strict words and implement the strict requirements throughout the entire process, so that we can truly manage the strict, dare to control, and maintain strict control . " 我们党长期执政、领导一切,责任重于泰山。 Our party has long governed and led everything, and its responsibilities are more important than Taishan. 高悬从严治党的利剑,让全体党员尤其是 440 万基层党组织、 80 万党员领导干部切实做到对党忠诚、为党分忧、为党担责、为党尽责,我们就没有过不去的坎,就能永葆党的凝聚力和战斗力。 Gao Xuan strictly governs the party ’s sharp sword, so that all party members, especially 4.4 million grass-roots party organizations and 800,000 party members and leading cadres, can truly be loyal to the party, share their concerns for the party, take responsibility for the party, and fulfill their duties for the party. The hurdle of the party can always maintain the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the party. (原载 7 18 《人民日报》) (Originally published in "People's Daily" on July 18 )

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