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Power Is Responsibility and Responsibility Should Be Carried——One of the Interpretations of the "Accountability Regulations of the Communist Party of China"

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近日,中共中央印发《中国共产党问责条例》。 Recently, the CPC Central Committee issued the "Accountability Regulations of the Communist Party of China." 作为一部重要的基础性党内法规,《条例》聚焦全面从严治党,突出管党治党政治责任,着力解决突出问题,体现了十八大以来管党治党理论和实践创新成果,堪称全面从严治党的又一利器。 As an important basic party regulation, the "Regulations" focus on administering the party comprehensively and strictly, highlighting the political responsibility of governing the party, focusing on solving outstanding problems, and embodying the theoretical and practical innovations of governing the party since the 18th CPC National Congress. It can be said to be another weapon for rigorously governing the party. 本报从即日起陆续刊发系列解读文章,系统阐释《条例》的精髓和要义,敬请关注。 From now on, this newspaper will publish a series of interpretation articles to systematically explain the essence and essence of the Regulations, so stay tuned.

7 1 ,庆祝中国共产党成立95周年大会隆重举行。 On July 1 , the General Assembly celebrating the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China was grandly held. 一周后,中共中央印发《中国共产党问责条例》。 One week later, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the Regulations on Accountability of the Communist Party of China.

回望近百年来波澜壮阔的历史进程,一代又一代共产党人前赴后继、接续奋斗,以大无畏的担当精神诠释了对党和人民的无限忠诚。 Looking back at the magnificent historical process of the past century, generations of Communists have gone forward and continued their struggle, explaining the infinite loyalty to the party and the people with the spirit of fearlessness.

如今,实现“两个一百年”奋斗目标、实现中华民族伟大复兴的中国梦,关键在于各级党组织尤其是党员领导干部身体力行“担当”二字,做到为党尽职、为民尽责。 Today, the key to realizing the "Two Hundred Years" goal and the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation lies in the fact that party organizations at all levels, especially leading cadres of party members, have committed themselves to "duty" and fulfill their duties to the party and the people.

作为我们党制定的又一部重要基础性党内法规,《条例》旨在通过规范和强化党的问责工作,以强力问责唤醒责任意识、激发担当精神。 As another important basic intra-party regulation formulated by our party, the Regulations are designed to awaken the sense of responsibility and stimulate the spirit of responsibility with strong accountability by regulating and strengthening the party's accountability work.

《条例》第二条明确规定,围绕协调推进“四个全面”战略布局,坚持党的领导,加强党的建设,全面从严治党,做到有权必有责、有责要担当、失责必追究,落实党组织管党治党政治责任,督促党的领导干部践行忠诚干净担当。 Article 2 of the Regulations clearly stipulates that the “four comprehensive” strategic layout should be centered on coordination, adhere to the party's leadership, strengthen the party's construction, and administer the party in a strict and comprehensive manner so as to achieve the right, responsibility, responsibility and responsibility. Responsibilities must be investigated, and the party's political responsibility for governing the party must be implemented, and the party's leading cadres must be urged to practice loyalty and cleanliness.

“这一条可谓字字千钧,明确了《条例》制定的目标任务,体现了党的问责工作的核心要义,释放出全面从严治党的强烈政治信号。”《条例》起草组有关负责人表示。 "This article can be described as a thousand words, it clarifies the goals and tasks formulated in the Regulations, reflects the core essence of the party's accountability work, and releases a strong political signal for the strict and strict governance of the Party." The drafting group of the Regulations is responsible for People said.

去年对四川南充拉票贿选案的彻底调查和追责,就是我们党失责必问的典型一例。 Last year's thorough investigation and accountability of the Sichuan Nanchong canvassing election case was a typical example of the party's failure to ask. 涉案477人全部受到严肃处理,时任南充市委书记刘宏建因犯玩忽职守罪,被判处有期徒刑3年,时任市纪委、市委组织部主要负责人也因失职渎职受到严惩。 All 477 people involved in the case were severely dealt with. Liu Hongjian, then the secretary of the Nanchong Municipal Party Committee, was sentenced to 3 years in prison for negligence, and the principal of the Municipal Discipline Inspection Committee and the Municipal Organization Department was also severely punished for misconduct.

实际上,党的十八大以来,问责已经成为全面从严治党的重要抓手。 In fact, since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, accountability has become an important starting point for comprehensively and strictly governing the party. 党中央和各级党组织言岀纪随,高悬问责利剑,先后对山西塌方式腐败、湖南衡阳破坏选举案、四川南充拉票贿选案等严肃问责。 The Party Central Committee and party organizations at all levels followed suit, with high-hanging swords of accountability, and successively held serious accountability for corruption in Shanxi, corruption in elections in Hengyang, Hunan, and elections in Nanchong, Sichuan. 截至今年5月底,全国共对4.5万余名党员领导干部进行问责,体现了失责必问、问责必严的鲜明态度。 As of the end of May this year, a total of more than 45,000 party members and leading cadres had been held accountable across the country, reflecting a clear attitude that they must be held accountable for failure and accountability must be strict.

然而,尽管问责工作不断取得进展,当前仍然存在一些亟待解决的问题。 However, despite continuing progress in accountability, there are still some issues that need to be addressed. 突出反映在问责内容不聚焦,没有突出坚持党的领导,没有紧扣全面从严治党;责任概念不准确,界定不清晰,没有体现权责对等;问责规定过于原则,问责主体不明确。 It is prominently reflected in the lack of focus on accountability, the lack of adherence to the party's leadership, and the strict and strict administration of the party; the concept of responsibility is inaccurate, the definition is not clear, and the equality of power and responsibility is not reflected; the accountability provisions are too principled, and the accountability subject unclear.

去年6月,习近平总书记在十八届中央政治局第二十四次集体学习时强调:“问责的内容、对象、事项、主体、程序、方式都要制度化、程序化。问责既要对事、也要对人,要问到具体人头上。” Last June , General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized during the twenty-fourth collective study of the 18th Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee: "The content, objects, matters, subjects, procedures, and methods of accountability must be institutionalized and procedural. It's about things, it's about people, it's about asking specific people. "

此次《条例》在第四条中,明确了问责主体和对象:问责主体是有管理权限的党组织,问责对象是各级党委(党组)、党的工作部门及其领导成员,各级纪委(纪检组)及其领导成员,重点是主要负责人。 In Article 4 of the Regulations, the main body and object of accountability are clearly defined: the main body of accountability is a party organization with management authority, and the object of accountability is party committees (party groups) at all levels, party working departments, and their leading members. Disciplinary committees (discipline inspection teams) at all levels and their leading members, with the focus on the main responsible persons.

“过去在问责工作中,存在着权责不对等的问题。有的领导干部在任职时当仁不让,履职履责却敷衍含糊、不敢担当。”中国社科院中国廉政研究中心副秘书长蒋来用表示,《条例》通过明确问责对象,把管党治党的责任实打实地给党组织和领导干部扛上。 "In the past, there was the problem of unequal powers and responsibilities in accountability. Some leading cadres refused to accept their duties while performing their duties, but their duties and responsibilities were vague and dare not to assume their duties." Deputy Secretary-General, China Institute of Integrity Research, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Jiang Laiyong said that the "Regulations" pass on the responsibility of governing the party to the party organization and leading cadres by clearly specifying the accountability targets.

“《条例》第四条的内容,有三个要点值得注意。”清华大学廉政与治理研究中心副主任过勇认为,首先,规定了既追究主体责任和监督责任,也追究领导责任,实现了责任追究的“全覆盖”;其次,问责对象既包括党委(党组)、纪委(纪检组),也包括了党的工作部门,体现了细化责任落实的鲜明态度;再次,将“主要负责人”列为问责重点,突出了抓牢“关键少数中的关键少数”的思路。 "The content of Article 4 of the Regulations is worth noting three points." Guo Yong, deputy director of the Tsinghua University's Center for Integrity and Governance Research, believes that firstly, it stipulates that both the responsibility of the subject and the responsibility for supervision and the responsibility for leadership are fulfilled, and the responsibility is realized. The "full coverage" of the investigation; secondly, the object of accountability includes not only the party committee (party group), disciplinary committee (discipline inspection group), but also the party's working department, which reflects the clear attitude of detailed responsibility implementation; again, the "main responsible person "Listed as the focus of accountability, highlighting the idea of" grasping the key minority of the key minority. "

责任清方能问责准。 Responsibility can be accountable.

为进一步厘清责任,确保精准问责,《条例》第五条专门就“责任划分”进行了规定,明确了领导班子、班子主要负责人、直接主管的班子成员、参与决策和工作的班子其他成员各自应承担的责任。 In order to further clarify responsibilities and ensure precise accountability, Article 5 of the Regulations specifically stipulates the “division of responsibilities”, which clarifies the leadership team, the main person in charge of the team, the members of the team directly responsible, and other members of the team involved in decision-making and work. Responsibilities.

“这说得很明确,不仅仅是主要负责人,每一名班子成员都肩负有全面从严治党的政治责任。通过把责任压给每一个人,体现了有权就有责的要求。”蒋来用说。 "This is very clear, not just the main person in charge, every member of the team has the political responsibility to administer the party strictly and strictly. By compressing the responsibility to everyone, it reflects the demand for power and responsibility. "Jiang Laiyong said.

值得注意的是,问责主体在有的时候也会成为问责对象。 It is worth noting that the subject of accountability sometimes becomes the object of accountability. 各级党组织都要把自己摆进去,不能手电筒只对着下级。 Party organizations at all levels must put themselves in, not with flashlights only at lower levels. 尤其是各省(区、市)和中央部委党委(党组),要在对下级失责必问的同时扛起自身应负的管党治党政治责任,否则自己也会“挨板子”。 In particular, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and the party committees (party groups) of the central ministries and commissions must bear the responsibility of administering the party and the party while taking responsibility for subordinates' failures.

不忘初心,方得始终。 Don't forget your original intention, you always have. 贯彻落实《条例》,最终要落脚到共产党人“忠诚干净担当”的品质上。 The implementation of the "Regulations" will ultimately be based on the quality of "loyalty and clean responsibility" of Communists. 各级党组织和党的领导干部要联系各自实际抓好《条例》的贯彻执行,夯实治党之责,敢于较真碰硬,用担当的行动诠释对党和人民的忠诚。 Party organizations at all levels and leading cadres of the party should contact their respective parties to effectively implement the "Regulations", consolidate the responsibility of governing the party, dare to confront the truth, and use their actions to interpret loyalty to the party and the people. (本报记者何韬) (Reporter He Tao)

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