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Passing the "year pass" must not break the "clean pass"

Source: Hengdong County Commission for Discipline InspectionSupervision time: 2020-01-17 Clicks:

些案件,既有违规发放津补贴、收受名贵特产和红包礼金、公车私用等“四风”老问题,也有借公务出差之机旅游、不吃公款吃老板等隐形变异“四风”问题,且都是发生在党十九大以后不收敛、不收手的典型。 Recently, the Hunan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection notified seven typical cases that violated the spirit of the eight regulations of the central government. These cases included both the "Four Winds" old problems such as the illegal payment of subsidies, the receipt of valuable special products and red envelopes, and the private use of buses. The invisible variants of the "four winds" such as traveling on business trips and not using public funds to eat bosses are typical examples of non-convergence and non-abandonment after the 19th Party Congress.1227( December 27 , 2019   Sanxiang Fengji Network)

The Spring Festival is here again, and the annual flavor is getting stronger. 贺岁拜年名头想拉拢腐蚀领导干部的商人大款开始下网围猎,那些红包礼金、名贵特产的糖衣炮弹瞄准了手握公权的公职人员,而公款吃喝、公务旅游、公款送礼、公车私用、违规津补此刻也蠢蠢欲动。 Visiting friends and relatives, and dealings with people are traditional customs of the Chinese nation, but at this time those businessmen under the name of " New Year and New Year " want to attract corrupt leaders to start hunting down the net, those red envelopes, precious sugar-coated shells Aimed at public officials holding public rights, public money eating and drinking, business travel, public money gifting, private use of public cars, and subsidies for violations are also about to move. 严重损害了党和政府的形象,扰乱社会风气,污染政治生态,甚至会损毁党的执政根基。 These old habits of the four winds have seriously damaged the image of the party and the government, disrupted the social atmosphere, polluted the political ecology, and even damaged the party's ruling foundation.

纵观数年落马的腐蝇贪虎,多是在年节间抵挡不了糖弹诱惑,收不住心、管不住手、拴不住腿、管不住嘴, 在前呼后拥之中,在觥筹交错之际,心怀侥幸,甘被围猎,多年的廉政大堤在“年关”之际决口溃坝,从此踏上“贪腐”不归路。 "Is not cheap, I have seen the New Year, I am not clean, I have seen the festival." Looking at the rotten fly greedy tigers who have fallen off the horse for many years, most of them cannot resist the temptation of sugar bombs during the New Year, they ca n’t hold their hearts, they ca n’t control them, they ca n’t tie them up. Hold your legs, keep your mouth shut, and embrace in front of you . In the midst of staggering your fortunes , you will be fortunate enough to be hunted down. The dyke of years of clean government broke through the dam at the "year pass", and you have set foot on "corruption". Way back. Therefore, the "year pass" has always been an important "gateway" to test the integrity and self-discipline of party member cadres, and it is also a "touchstone" to test whether party member cadres can resist the temptation.

年关面前要守住“廉关”,首先要保持清醒头脑, 提高自身免疫力, 消除侥幸心理, 瞪大眼睛、竖起耳朵 ,把住自家 ,不收非分礼;管住 ,不赴不明宴;管住 ,不接不义财;管住”,不进是非地。 "Lean is better than a day, it is better to be greedy than to be a year, and harder. " To keep the "clean integrity " in front of the Nianguan, first of all, you must keep a clear head, improve your immunity, and eliminate luck . " Ears " , hold their own " door " , do not accept " undivided " gifts; control " mouth " , do not go to " unknown " banquet; control " hand " , do not receive " injustice " wealth; control " legs " Do not enter the " right and wrong " land. 其次守住廉关须及时清理朋友圈 ,多交良师益友 ,清理狐朋狗友 ,不要给别有用心者任何机会。 Secondly, to keep the " good faith " must clear up the " friend circle " in time , make more "good teachers and good friends " , clear up " fox friends and dog friends " , do not give anyone with ulterior motives any chance. 守住廉关还须管好看严身边人 ,谨防自己手中的权力变成身边人谋取私利的工具。 To keep the " good faith " must also take good care of the " people around " and guard against the power in his hands becoming a tool for the people around him to seek personal gain.

"Bamboo is straight and beautiful, people are upright and respectful, and the party is strong and honest." Traditional holidays 各级党组织和领导干部要发挥“头雁”效应,以身作则,率先垂范,带头严守中央八项规定和省委“约法三章”,同时督促广大党员干部在节日期间时刻紧绷纪律规矩这根弦,做到自警自省自重,守住行为底线,确保文明清廉过节。 It is a time when the "Four Winds" problem is prone to occur frequently . Party organizations and leading cadres at all levels must give play to the "head goose" effect, set an example, take the lead in setting an example, take the lead in strictly observing the eight regulations of the Central Committee and the "Three Chapters of the Law of the Provincial Party Committee," while urging the majority of party members and cadres to celebrate During this period, the string of discipline and rules is tightened, self-reflection, self-respect, and behavioral bottom line are kept to ensure that civilization is clean and clean. 发现一起、查处一起,坚决惩处、绝不姑息, 并点名道姓通报曝光,给“年关之际破廉关者当头一棒。 Disciplinary inspection and supervision organs at all levels must pay close attention to the "key minority", make early reminders, and ring "alarm bells" early to release a strong signal of stricter discipline. Find out, investigate and deal with the problem of disciplinary violations , and resolutely punish and never punish them. Tolerance, and named the name of the report to expose, to the "year pass " on the occasion of breaking the " clean customs " to take the lead. (衡东县纪委监委驻县人大机关纪检监察组) (Hengdong County Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervisory Committee of the County People's Congress)      

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