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Hengyang City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Municipal Supervisory Commission announced the first batch of special work to address the issue of infringing upon the interests of the people

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In accordance with the requirements of the Party Central Committee to carry out special rectification in the theme education of “Do n’t forget the original heart and keep the mission in mind”, the Hengyang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Municipal Supervisory Committee take the lead to coordinate and cooperate with each department at all levels in the city to fulfill their main responsibilities and conduct indifference to the interests of the people. Issues were rectified specifically, and efforts were made to resolve a number of issues that were strongly reflected and closely followed by the masses, and achieved staged results. In order to implement the requirement of “opening the door for rectification, invite the masses to participate, let the masses judge, and be subject to the supervision of the masses”, the practice of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the National Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection shall be announced and the first batch of special rectification work results shall be announced. They are:

聚焦社会关注、群众反映强烈的食品安全、农药兽药残留、非法添加、假冒伪劣等问题,开展食品安全专项整治联合行动、“雷霆”行动和“护老”行动,共查办各类案件387件,罚没金额392.26万元,取缔无证企业51家,责令停业停产43家,责令美团、饿了么下线168家实体店,抓获犯罪嫌疑人10人,移送起诉3人。 Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau : Focusing on social concerns, strong public feedback on food safety, pesticide and veterinary drug residues, illegal additions, counterfeiting and other inferiority issues, joint food safety rectification actions, "Thunder" action and "Elderly Care" action were jointly investigated and handled 387 cases of various types, with a fine of 3.922 million yuan, banning 51 unlicensed enterprises, ordering 43 companies to stop production, and ordering 168 physical stores offline for Meituan and Hungry, 10 criminal suspects were arrested, and 3 were prosecuted. . 家,公开曝光11起典型案例,集中销毁假冒伪劣食品8386公斤,总货值149.3万元。 Carry out comprehensive management of food companies and small workshops, standardize production and processing behaviors, and specifically address problems such as “dirty, messy, poor” and unlicensed operation of small workshops, and ban 13 small rice flour processing small workshops in accordance with the law, with 11 public exposures In a typical case, 8386 kilograms of counterfeit and shoddy foods were collectively destroyed, with a total value of 1.493 million yuan.

以“全面从严治党不到位”、“行业管理体制机制不完善”、“医德医风建设不落实”、“医疗卫生行业执业不规范”等4个方面为整治重点,扎实开展医疗卫生行业重点领域专项整治“清风行动”。 Municipal Health and Health Committee : Focusing on the four aspects of "comprehensive and strict governance of the party is not in place", "industrial management systems and mechanisms are incomplete", "medical ethics and practices are not implemented", "irregular practice in the medical and health industry" Solidly implement the "Clean Breeze Action" for special treatment in key areas of the medical and health industry. 个,已整改落实344个,正在整改152;自查和受理举报腐败问题线索6条,立案查处5起,党纪政务处分10;因服务群众态度问题,约谈医护人员1;医疗纠纷人民调解委员会共调解医疗纠纷116起,调解成功率达91%;加强行业执业规范,行政处罚并取缔不规范诊所1家,清查清退套取农合资金10万元。 At present, a total of 496 issues have been examined, 344 have been rectified and implemented, and 152 are being rectified ; 6 clues to self-inspection and acceptance of corruption issues have been reported, 5 cases have been filed and investigated, and 10 people have been disciplined by the party discipline and government affairs ; interviews with medical staff due to the attitude of serving the masses 1 person ; the People's Mediation Committee for Medical Disputes mediated 116 medical disputes, with a mediation success rate of 91%; strengthened the industry's practice standards, administrative penalties and banned 1 non-standard clinic, and checked and withdrew 100,000 yuan of rural cooperation funds.

以贫困生控辍保学、征订教辅资料、改善农村办学条件等群众重点关注的方面为整治切入点。 Municipal Education Bureau : The key points of attention are the areas of public concern, such as the control of drop-outs for poor students, subscription of supplementary teaching materials, and improvement of conditions for running schools in rural areas. 年小学年辍学率控制在0.6%以内,全市秋季小学入学率100 %,初中年辍学率控制在1.8 %以内;共查处违规征订教辅问题5起,处理12人,教辅征订总额不断下降。 In 2019 , the drop-out rate in primary school should be controlled within 0.6% , the city's fall primary school enrollment rate should be 100 %, and the junior high school drop-out rate should be controlled within 1.8 %. A total of 5 cases of illegal teaching subscriptions were investigated and dealt with, and 12 people were dealt with. . ,进一步提高了资金的使用效率,广大农村学校办学条件得到切实改善;查处义务教育阶段寄宿补助发放对象识别不清和虚假冒领人员43人,涉及金额2.3万元。 The “Comprehensive Thinning” project completed more than 98% of the project, which further improved the efficiency of the use of funds, and effectively improved the conditions for the majority of rural schools; investigated and dealt with 43 people who were unclearly identified and falsely received boarding subsidies at the compulsory education stage, involving amounts 23,000 yuan.11月,全市已全面消除超大班额,大班额消除2268个。 As of November 2019 , the city has completely eliminated oversized shifts, with 2,268 large shifts eliminated. 人,为近十年来补充师资力量最多的一年。 Documents such as "Implementation Opinions on Comprehensively Deepening the Reform of the Teaching Staff Construction in the New Era", "Implementation Measures for the Introduction of Excellent Educational Talents in Hengyang City (Trial)" and "Hengyang Rural Teachers Supplementary Implementation Measures (Trial)" and other documents were issued. The school has 4,150 teachers, which has been the largest supplementary teacher in the past decade.

开展旅游乱象专项整治“百日大会战”:全区共查处非法营运车辆76台次;查处追车揽客、驱车赶客167起;查处占道经营、流动叫卖、乱堆乱挂违章行为1174起,拆除违规招牌摊棚22处,清理违规物品584车;查处塞佛塞像、吊带索钱行为7起,倒卖门票34起。 Nanyue District : Carrying out a special rectification of the “hundred-day convention battle” for tourism chaos: the entire district has investigated and dealt with 76 illegally operated vehicles; investigated and chased 167 chasing cars, drove passengers, and chased passengers; investigated and dealt with road operations, mobile hawking, and chaos There were 1174 cases of illegal activities, 22 illegal signboard booths were demolished, and 584 vehicles of illegal items were cleaned up; 7 cases of Severce statues and slings were investigated and punished, and 34 tickets were resold. 台,查处机动车乱停乱放1452,并在主干道设置了物理隔离设施,从根本上解决了因乱停乱放造成交通堵塞的问题。 A total of 7,750 motor vehicles were cleaned up , and 1,452 vehicles were randomly parked and parked . Physical isolation facilities were set up on the main roads to fundamentally solve the problem of traffic jams caused by random parking. Actively promote the rectification of environmental protection incenses, collect high-priced incenses, establish a credible "red and black list" system, and improve the credit of market players. The “Implementation Measures for the Working Mechanism of Tourism Management in Nanyue District” was issued to strengthen the supervision and assessment of tourism environment. 月份以来,南岳区接待游客175.12万人次,“ 12345 ”政务旅游服务热线来电总量2431次,受理游客求助300件,其中游客投诉175件,工单办结率100% ,游客满意和基本满意率达99%Since October , Nanyue District has received 1.751 million tourists, and the number of " 12345 " government tourist service hotlines has reached 2431 , and 300 tourists have been asked for help, including 175 complaints from tourists, and the work order settlement rate is 100% . Tourists are satisfied and basically satisfied. The rate is 99% .

以群众反映强烈的食品安全问题为切入点,共收集漠视侵害群众利益问题52个,已整改到位问题47个, 5个问题正在整改中。 Changning City : Taking the masses' reflection of food safety issues as the starting point, a total of 52 issues that ignore and infringe on the interests of the masses have been collected, 47 rectification issues have been put in place, and 5 issues are being rectified. 家,立案7起;查处销售过期、不合格食品商家5家;查获保健食品电信诈骗线索9条,全部移交公安机关立案查处;检查11家娱乐场所销售假冒伪劣食品情况,取缔1家;查扣白板肉、霉变猪肉2000余公斤,查获涉安冻肉4车;检查127所学校及周边食品安全,下达责令整改通知书13份,立案1起,“明厨亮灶”达80% ;完成食用农产品抽检498批次,处置不合格2批次;公安机关查办涉食品安全案件11起,逮捕6人,开展“食品安全知识进校园”行动40余次,发放宣传资料3000余份;发布简报18期,公开曝光典型案例9起。 Among them, 7 unlicensed businesses were investigated and dealt with, and 7 cases were filed; 5 expired and unqualified food businesses were investigated and dealt with; 9 clues for health food telecommunications fraud were seized, all of which were handed over to public security agencies for investigation and investigation; 11 entertainment venues sold counterfeit and inferior food Situation, banned one ; seized more than 2,000 kilograms of white meat and moldy pork, seized 4 vehicles involving frozen meat; inspected 127 schools and surrounding food safety, issued 13 rectification notices, and filed one case, "Ming Kitchen The “bright stove” reached 80% ; 498 batches of edible agricultural products were randomly sampled and 2 batches of unqualified products were disposed of; public security agencies investigated 11 food safety-related cases, arrested 6 people, and carried out “food safety knowledge on campus” operations more than 40 times and issued More than 3,000 publicity materials; 18 issues of briefings were published, and 9 typical cases were publicly exposed.


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